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>> Hi-Flow (1000 - 5800 gpm) Pumps

Hi-Flow (1000 - 5800 gpm) Pumps / HydroSub 150 W/R

Liquid-Trans, Inc. sold to FDNY 3 units of the “HYDRO SUB WITH THE HIGH VOLUME PUMP”.  Each unit is designed to deliver 3000 gpm with a lift of 45 feet. Pumps have a high flow impeller. The water is moved to a 3000 gallon pumper with discharge lines of 6”. The city has over 35,000’ of 6”  hose coupled with 6” storz to supply various needs for water. The hose has a operating pressure of 200 psi and a service test of 225 psi.

The city sees these units as support for the FIRE SERVICE and for FLOOD CONTROL. The Units were sold by Liquid-Trans, Inc.. The hose was sold by Key Fire Hose company.


HydroSub 150

Sold to FDNY - (Fire Department of the City of New York)

A very innovative hydraulic driven portable submersible floating pump. Allowing quick access to any open water source at any distance up to 60 meter Powered by a diesel hydraulic Powerpack.

EN 14710 Capacity:

• 3500 liters p/min. at 10 bar

• Hi-flow kit 8000 ltr./min. at 2,5 Bar (optional)

• FloodPump capacity = 40.000l/min (optional)

• min. required water depth: 0,30 mtr ONLY 

Control Instruments:

Automatic electronic IQAN capacity pressure control, including automatic feed pressure balance control between feed pump and boost pump. Engine temperature, engine speed, engine oil pressure, an hour counter, a warning light for alternator current, temperature hydraulic oil, stop button, hydraulic oil pressure, Security system. Automatic engine stop function, Working lights, warning lights.


Hi-Flow (1000 - 5800 gpm) Pumps

Sold to FDNY - (Fire Department of the City of New York)



Eliminate drafting operations

• Lift water up to 200 feet

  Four Simple Components Mini Model Fits in A Pick-up Truck Advantages

1.1000-gpm floating pump, 4” outlet can supply hose to 6” diameter

2. 90-ft hydraulic supply and return hoses and retrieval cable

3. Hydraulic power pack drives pump

4. Control console

• No primer, no suction hose or strainer required

• Access water supplies with lifts up to 90 ft and depths of less than 2 ft

• A single push-button control increases or decreases pump dis-charge (gpm)

Liquid Trans hydraulic-driven floating mobile pumping units can make otherwise inaccessible water supplies accessible rapidly to provide high flows through 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 10”, or 12” hose to supply relay and tanker filling operations, or emergency water supply operations.


Access water supplies inaccessible for drafting operations by fire department pumpers.


Pumping Units to Meet Any Water Supply Need

Mini (1000 gpm) Model - Truck or Trailer Mounted

This 1300-lb unit can be carried in a pick-up truck or can be trailer-mounted.

The Standard (1100-gpm) unit assembled as a two-pod package. The pod in the background carries 2 miles of 6” hose.

The pump pod houses the hydraulic system, the hydraulic hose reels, and the 1000- or 2100-gpm pump.

The hydraulic system and operator’s control panel. A single control, the handwheel, controls the unit.

The key to this pumping system is the revolutionary hydraulic motor-driven floating pump.

Pump Models/ Capabilities


Pump Capacity

Maximum Lift

Maximum Horizontal

0250gpm @ 150psi
1000 gpm @ 045 psi
100 ft 100 ft
1100 gpm @ 120 psi
2100 gpm @ 037 psi
200 ft 200 ft
2200 gpm @ 120 psi
4200 gpm @ 037 psi
200 ft 200 ft
2900 gpm @ 176 psi
164 ft 164 ft
Twin-Combo 5800 gpm @ 176 psi 33-50 ft 33-50 ft

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