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>> Hose Recovery Unit (HRU) 5” to 12” Hose

Hose Recovery Unit (HRU) 5” to 12” Hose



Pick-up and reload hose with only 3 people
• HRU lifts and drains hose

The Hose Recovery Unit (HRU) and Its Advantages

• Hydraulically-powered HRU does all of the work of reloading hose

• Only requires a driver and 2 firefighters

• No need to disconnect hose to reload

• Load hose at 4 mph

• Can be retrofitted to any existing apparatus

• Unit is powered by hydraulic system with independent driver or can use chassis PTO

• HRU can handle any diameter of hose up to 12” hose



• LDH Hose Carrier & Deployment System

Standard Hose Pod Can Carry 10,000 ft of 6” Hose

A water supply apparatus equipped with the Standard (1100-gpm) pump pod and hose pod can deploy 2 miles of 6” hose at speeds up to 25 mph

The water supply apparatus with the removable bed and two pods off-loaded. Left photo shows the hose pod on the removable bed. Right photo shows the 1100-gpm pump pod.

Water supply apparatus prepares to deploy 6” hose to emergency
scene after dropping pump pod at water supply.

Water supply apparatus deploying 6” (unit can handle hose up to
12”) from the pump pod to the emergecy scene.

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