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>> Hytrans Water Supply System

Hytrans Water Supply System


The Hytrans Water Supply System comes equipped with a large diameter, high pressure, abrasion resistant liquid transfer hose.




660 gal./min. - 190 Psi
800 gal./min. - 145 Psi
1200 gal./min. - 115 Psi
2000 gal./min. - 45 Psi



Capable of more than 30 feet vertical lift for a total distance more than 100 feet.


One mile (6") hose pick up in only 45 minutes, by only 3 persons in a low labor intensive operation.


900 gal./min. - 150 Psi.
2000 gal./min. - 40 Psi.
5500 gal./min. - 175 Psi with Hydrosub-Twin-Combi.

Pump Specification

A trailer houses the pump and the pump's engine. The submersible pump is attached and may be deployed of a distance of up to 190 feet.

Truck Specification

The Hytrans Water Supply System in its entirety is a containerized system that can be supplied with chasis and or any other modern methods of transportation such as on trailers, ships, via cargo plane.

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