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LiquidTrans MiniMini

We are pleased to introduce the LiquidTrans Mini. The total solution for water management in non-hydrant and rural districts.

The LiquidTrans Mini will be your "mobile hydrant".

LiquidTrans' Minis allow you to utilize alternative water supplies that to date have been out of reach.


The bridge railing roller allows one person to easily deploy and retrieve the pump from heights as high as 90 feet.


Accessing previously unreachable water supplies gives remote fire fighting operations access to water that is closer to where it is needed. What this means to the fire department is quicker, shorter, more efficient water shuttle operations for tankers.

Accessing water far out of reach at working pressure eliminates the need to place another pump in line to boost the pressure to working requirements. Pressures of up to 150 PSI are available to eliminate extra pumps, personnel, and equipment at a fire scene.

Bridge Roller

Bridge Roller

Bridge Roller

LiquidTrans' Minis are versatile.


Use for flood relief, emergency drinking water supplies, sanitary water requirements, fire fighting, and even pumping other liquids such as fuel from over turned tankers or ships.


Municipal fire equipment can be used in applications where it hasn't been used before allowing prudent use of government funds and expenses.


Capacities in a Mini rival a class A pumper.


Situated on a trailer, in the bed of a pick up truck or on a hose wagon, flows of up to 1,000 GPM from water 90 feet away without drafting and draft efficiency losses.


Costs savings: $90,000 versus hundreds of thousands for a class A pumper


Ease of operations allows constant water supplies in an industrial grade unit that can be operated with minimum personnel and training.


For fire companies with few members or very rural operations, a few people can establish a large water supply quickly and easily.


In an emergency, maximum water needs can be met by fewer people and in a faster method then drafting. Technical operators are not needed to establish water supplies.


Hydraulic operations are made easy with the Mini.


Set it and forget it concept of operations eliminate guesswork as engine RPM's can be set and not affected by down line operations.


When water supplies are affected by demand increases at the incident site, pump operations can fluctuate and diminish on a regular pumper. Setting the engine RPM's sets the pump RPM's which sets the flow. The mini gives high flows at low pressures and lower flows at higher pressure when needed. The system cannot be over pressured due to the pumps ability to dissipate pressure surges.


Water utilization without using drinking water.


All the water in fire hydrants is drinking water treated for use by the public. There are times when you don't want to use expensive drinking water to fight stubborn fires or handle clean ups.


Savings of water supplies in areas that costs are high or water is scarce result from using the mini. The savings are realized in costs and also control the contamination of fire fighting water or liquids during emergencies.


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