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Liquid-Trans, Inc. sold to FDNY 3 units of the “HYDRO SUB WITH THE HIGH VOLUME PUMP”.  Each unit is designed to deliver 3000 gpm with a lift of 45 feet. Pumps have a high flow impeller. The water is moved to a 3000 gallon pumper with discharge lines of 6”. The city has over 35,000’ of 6”  hose coupled with 6” storz to supply various needs for water. The hose has a operating pressure of 200 psi and a service test of 225 psi.

The city sees these units as support for the FIRE SERVICE and for FLOOD CONTROL. The Units were sold by Liquid-Trans, Inc.. The hose was sold by Key Fire Hose company.



Hytrans Water Supply System


The Hytrans Water Supply System comes equipped with a large diameter, high pressure, abrasion resistant liquid transfer hose.

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Hi-Flow (1000 - 5800 gpm) Pumps/
HydroSub 150 W/R



Liquid Trans hydraulic-driven floating mobile pumping units can make otherwise inaccessible water supplies accessible rapidly to provide high flows through 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 10”, or 12” hose to supply relay and tanker filling operations, or emergency water supply operations.

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Sold to FDNY - (Fire Department of the City of New York)


Hose Recovery Unit (HRU) 5” to 12” Hose


Hose Recovery Unit (HRU) 5” to 12” Hose can pick-up and reload hose with only 3

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