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Who can use Hytrans Water Supply System?


Liquid-Trans, Inc. sold to FDNY 3 units of the “HYDRO SUB WITH THE HIGH VOLUME PUMP”.  Each unit is designed to deliver 3000 gpm with a lift of 45 feet. Pumps have a high flow impeller. The water is moved to a 3000 gallon pumper with discharge lines of 6”. The city has over 35,000’ of 6”  hose coupled with 6” storz to supply various needs for water. The hose has a operating pressure of 200 psi and a service test of 225 psi.

The city sees these units as support for the FIRE SERVICE and for FLOOD CONTROL. The Units were sold by Liquid-Trans, Inc.. The hose was sold by Key Fire Hose company.


Hytrans Water Supply System has applications for a variety of industries, including:


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